Should I even bother to take SAT subject tests?

<p>I got a 34 on the ACT (35 on the writing section) and a 2120 on the SAT. I'm probably just going to submit the ACT (that's the "better" score right?), is there any reason why I should take subject tests? It's a frugality issue, not a laziness issue... I have to pay for all this stuff myself, everything from the test preps to the tests themselves to reporting the scores. If I really should take 'em I will...but I don't want to waste the money if there's no point. </p>

<p>I'm planning on applying to Brown, Vassar, Bard, Barnard, and Whitman, as well as a handful of state flagships and lower tier LACs.</p>

<p>I would highley suggest that you take atleast 2.</p>

<p>Usually it's Math 2 and any science or humanities test.</p>

<p>Of those schools, Brown, Vassar, and Barnard all require 2 subject tests, while Bard and Whitman consider them. If you want to apply to those first three, you are going to have to take them.</p>

<p>Oh...I looked at the requirements and thought it said that that you could submit the ACT+writing or the SAT+subject tests...I was just planning on submitting ACT. Did I misunderstand what the sites are saying?</p>

<p>@kenzie1992 that's what I thought too</p>

<p>^^ Apparently those posters don't understand the word OR. Just go with your ACT scores. They are very good.</p>

<p>"Brown requires every applicant for admission to Brown in 2009-2010 to submit results of either the SAT Reasoning Test and any two SAT Subject Tests (except for the SAT Writing Test), or the ACT taken with the Writing Test option."</p>

<p>"Candidates for [Vassar] admission to the freshman class must submit EITHER the SAT Reasoning Test along with 2 SAT Subject Tests (each SAT Subject Test should be taken in a different academic subject), OR the ACT exam with the writing test."</p>

<p>"[Barnard] Submit official results from either the College Board SAT Reasoning Test with two SAT Subject Tests or the ACT Assessment Test with Writing.'</p>

<p>My apologies. Hasty, sloppy research.</p>