should i even bother with college?

<p>i am taking AP macro and have been doing rather poorly this quarter - as of yesterday I had about a C average (average for everybody in the class is 89) - but I bombed a test today, and the quarter ends this Friday - I figure that if this is college level work, and I am unable to do it (when technically I should be in college right now, although I wasn't held back a grade (long story, but i never failed a course/year so far). I have been working relatively hard at this and still failed, so should I even bother wasting $40k a year going to college when I will likely fail anyway, especially considering that at my age, I should be doing this level of work anyway? I screwed off for 3 years of HS and have to make up for it this year, e.g. straight As in everything, and that is not about to happen. This will only make it even harder to get into a decent college (my GPA right now is 3.0, and if I ace everything 1st semester itll be 3.2), but even then I will likely fail</p>

<p>What should I do?</p>

<p>(Running off to a commune/3rd world country/suicide/work at a minimum-wage foodservice job for the rest of my life are seeming good options about now)</p>

<p>I have been reading your posts for a long time, including on the classic CC.</p>

<p>My thoughts are that right now you are not interested in going to college and are consequently not demonstrating the actions that show that you would be able to pass in college. Although it's clear that you have the intelligence to be able to succeed in college, you don't have the discipline nor motivation to do so.</p>

<p>I think that instead of going to college, you'd be better off pursuing your busness interests. If after doing that for a while, you become interested in college, then you could go to college fulltime or could go part time, just taking the courses that are interesting or useful to you.</p>

<p>Depending on their skills and interests, it is very possible for people to be very financially successful without college. Since, you seem to be more interested in financial success than in an academic education, and since you already are operating a successful business, I think it would be a waste of time and money for you to go to college next year.</p>

<p>hopefully youre exagerating about some of those options (suicide??!). its just one test, theres still the rest of the semester. also dont worry about getting into college. a 3.0 is not a bad gpa at all.</p>

<p>Anarchy, I would not be so quick to determine that because the AP class you're currently in now is a real reflection of what all college courses are like! Sometimes college courses are easier than high school. There are so many variables! I think you should stick it out and continue to try and do your best! There are plenty of "decent" colleges that you will be able to get into if you work hard! </p>

<p>A word about AP courses: my son, a junior in hs is now taking AP Psych & AP US History. The psych class is a lot of work, but he is doing very well and absolutely loves it! The history course on the other hand is a lot of work but the tests the teacher is giving are ridiculous ... So difficult that the teacher told the class in the beginning of the year that they'd all most likely fail the first few tests (which he has done)! She did say that she doesn't grade the class like a typical honors or cp class, so the the students (and their parents) should not be too concerned about the test grades as long as they show improvment and do well on essays, etc. I talked wth her yesterday and she told me my son should have about a b (or maybe c+ after this last failing test grade - oye!). But my point is, my son too is starting to get frustrated and scared thinking this is what college is: much hard work and lousy grades (on tests, not essays, etc.). But as I said above, college classes aren't necessarily as difficult as some teachers make hs classes.</p>