Should I even bother?

<p>I'm registering for SAT subject tests and I was wondering whether or not I should register for the US History subject test. I'm a senior and I took APUSH as a Sophomore (got an A/5 on exam) - I've forgotten a lot of the nitty gritty of US History but I'm willing to prepare pretty intensively for the exam. </p>

<p>I'll also be taking English Literature and World History.</p>

<p>I’ve heard the US History SAT is harder than the AP.</p>

<p>There’s no point in taking two histories imo.</p>

<p>The U.S. History subject test is hard. I studied a lot, got a 5 on the APUSH test two weeks later, and only got a 720 on the subject test. If I were you I wouldn’t take it. Just stick with the other two.</p>

<p>I just took a practice test from the CollegeBoard’s Subject Test book and I got a 750 without any preparation - is that any indicator?</p>

<p>@Preamble I just checked to see what I got on the college board official practice tests and my two scores were 680 and 700. Then on the real thing I got 720. So yeah I think you should take it.</p>