should i even try applying to ivies or stanford?

<p>All my friends and family (unaware of how competitive college admissions has come) tell me i am a shoe-in at pretty much every school in the nation, they obviously have no idea what they are talking about). I might be being a little pesimistic though saying it's not worth applying to columbia, stanford, harvard..ect</p>

<p>My main argument against myself is my low SAT 2's, and i heard that ivy's count those more than they do SAT I's i dunno though..</p>

<p>So here are my Stats
SAT I - 800 math 660 Verbal
SAT II - Math IIC 680 Writng 680 History 630---ouch, i know..and i'm not retaking any of those (i have already taken writing and math twice and dont have any other subject to attempt taking)
GPA 4.2 W 3.91 UW Top 10% unranked class of 450 (probably 4% exact)
Nice EC's , involved in church and local hospital, helped coordinate a walk-a-thon that raised $40K...a couple clubs too</p>

<p>Let's just say my essay is above average...although it might be just average, i dont know.</p>

<p>Ummm thats all i know, if you need any other info, tell me.

<p>yes its worth applying. you def. have a shot. if u apply to lets say 6 top tier schools, ur chances of getting into 1 are really high. The big factor will be EC's./ Hopefully there as strong as u hope. Did u apply eD to any top tier schools; that would have helped.</p>

<p>i applied to notre dame early action, none ED</p>

<p>one last thing....have u though about math 1C that can boost ur Sat2 scores</p>

<p>hmm i havent really thought about it, but i guess i could..right now i'm signed up for the SAT I in december and i wasn't planning on going, stupid college board had my october scores in late so had to sign up just in case..u think they'll let me switch to sat 2 math ic?</p>

<p>Take the SAT1 math, with one test you will replace a 630 with a MUCH better score and will have 700+ and two 680s which isnt bad. Honestly, no offense but HYPS are probably unlikely. A ton of people apply only for the prestige and honestly you will get just as much out of a great LAC or other ivy. You should shoot for the Brown, Dartmouth, Columbia, Penn range as reaches. For matchy reaches apply to Cornell, Northwestern. For matches Emory, Rice, WUSTL, UNC-CH, UVA, Michigan, JHU.</p>

<p>yea call collegeboard but im pretty confident they let u switch from sat 1 to sat 2 math 1c only thing is it might be a little extra fee. reason i suggested it is since i got a 780 on sat 1 math which is just like ur score basically and got a 750 on math1c and u should do about the same. and like u i struggled on math2c hoping to break 700 but very unlikely even with the huge curve. i hope like i assume u do that theres more emphasis on sat1s than 2s lol.</p>

<p>k sounds good, thanks slipper for the suggestions, my parents just dont believe how there can be that many kids with that high of SAT/GPA...haha just have to convince them. anyways if anyone else has any suggestions it would be appreciated, thanks</p>