Should i expect a rejection...or is this normal?????plz reply

<p>I applied to three rutgers sschools:
rutgers newark business
rutgers nb business
rutgers nb arts and science</p>

<p>I applied on October 24
I still havent got a says "in process"..should I be worried.
Gpa: 3.4</p>

<p>Have I been rejected or is this normal?</p>


<p>for SAS, normal. your SAT score is high enough to guarantee acceptance into there.</p>

<p>you got a 2020 -__- how about you trade that score for my 1660?'re fine..I got into Newark business with a 1570 (my november SAT)'s just that New Brunswick gets ton of apps so it's going to take a bit longer for them to get back to you.</p>

<p>I know New Brunswick takes a long time...but I applied 2 months starting to get worried...some of my friends with lower stats than me who applied in the beginning of december have already got this common?</p>

<p>I would probably call the admissions office and make sure everything is there. That seems like a long time. My son heard back in 2 days (he applied mid-October).</p>

<p>rutgers received everything by november 14th...idk why they havent replied</p>

<p>my younger brother applied earlier than you, has 3.7 W GPA, 1800+ on SATs, and good extracurriculars. he applied to SAS, Engineering, and some school in Newark and only heard back from Newark. so don't worry, it's not an indication of anything.</p>

<p>oh ok..i only heard back from newark too...good luck to your u hv any idea why rutgers takes so longgg?</p>

<p>no idea. my only guess is that they're probably processing admissions alphabetically =/ i doubt that though</p>

<p>I heard they have over 70 counselors and half of them take there sweet time. I wouldn't worry at all.</p>