Should I explain the way my teachers wrote the res to avoid any confusion?

<p>Hi guys
I am an international student from a developing country.
Therefore, not all my teachers have laptops, they do have emails but no laptiops!
That's why, trying to avoid sending anything by mail, I gave them my laptop to type and send their recs and then delete them!
So everything is legit !
However, I am afraid the adcoms may see the IP address or not the the author ob bothe files is the same(name of my pc)</p>

<p>Should I include any explanation about that in my additional information part??
Pls help me!!</p>



<p>Did your teachers type letters for your rec's or are you using the Common app? </p>

<p>If you are using the common ap then they accessed your rec through the email you sent them to fill it out so there is no email, it is all inside the common app. If they wrote an additional letter, then the pasted it into the common app or uploaded it so still, there is no email sent.</p>

<p>If you had sent your teachers an email to their email to send the rec say by gmail, then it will come from their own account.</p>

<p>^^ You don't get me: I sent them the invitation and they created their accounts and all.
The thing is that they typed the letters on my laptop before uploading them: the author of the docs will look as if it were me!!!!!
That is the problem: should I explain it in the additional information section ?</p>

<p>How is your school uploading your transcripts?</p>

<p>What makes you think if you paste or upload a document that it says what computer it came from? Did you upload your essay or paste your personal statement in the common app? Where it is noted what computer it came from? Your essay looks just like text. </p>

<p>When your teacher logs into your app from any computer via their email address, it doesn't matter. The form is inside the common ap, they are accessing a form that is only attached to your common ap account, not the computer they are working from.</p>

<p>The same is true for your counselor. They are accessing your common app through their email and access to your ap. They could be anywhere on any computer.</p>