Should i explain why my counselor's rec is stamped with the director's stamp?

<p>Hi guys
I am tunisia and after the revolution, there is just chaos.
Anyway, My counselor for 3 years who wrote me the rec has become both the ocunselor and director this year.
Therefore, he said in the rec(he claimed so) that he is my counselor and then he used the stamp of the director.
My directors stamp is in the 3 grade transcripts which is attributed to my old one.
I am afraid tha with the mid-year repport the Grade transcripts would be signed by the counselor/director and stamped by him as a director and there would be some confusion!!</p>

<p>He already sent the res so I can't chaneg anything
And I am using the additonal information part to write an essay!
So, is it okay if my director/counselor explains this in the mid-year report?

<p>I'm sure it is..
They're not so uptight.
&& they also understand that international schools don't usually have a counselor in the sense of a counselor (some1 who's sole job is 2 keep track of students' academic path & all..)
Oh & I'm Egyptian :D
I been wondering how many other Arabs are</p>

<p>did you have your interview with an egyptian ?
How many egyptians are applying this year ?</p>

<p>Yeah, my EC was Egyptian..genius guy, BTW !
& I don't know of any Egyptians applying this year (I'm not that rich & it's VERY uncommon where I come from)
But I know some1 who got in last year (cyber-know him) lol
He told me that two other egyptians were accepted last year as well..
How about u?? U know any applicants?? Acceptees??</p>

<p>Acceptees from tunisia!!
It has been 10!! years since the last tunisian got in!
This year there is me and 2 others applying from tunisia but my ec told me he knew the egyptian ec who told him that a dozen of egyptians are applying this year</p>

<p>For information about aceptees check this link :
MIT</a> | The International Students Office | Africa 2010-2011</p>

<p>For information about aceptees check this link :
MIT</a> | The International Students Office | Africa 2010-2011</p>

There's only 1 Egyptian UG..
this guy won informatics Olympiad
& it's cool yr 1 of 3 applicants..
Think u have a shot??
I don't think i have 1, really..</p>

<p>I am hoping that coming from Tunisia (the mother of all revolutions) along with my passion for engineering and my national olympiads prizes(and a bunch of EC) would helpme get in ! My stats are decent too(for a oerson whose 3rd language is english!!)</p>

<p>Oh great, another olympiads medalist..
I'm screwed
I won no national or international or even School awards..because there is none..there is only an informatics Olympiad in Egypt, none else.
&& u sure have a great shot.
U applied anywhere else??</p>

<p>NNNN MIT doesn't care about national olympiads, all they care about is international
And I was classed top 10 and about to qualify for the IMO but due to some circumstance, I wasn't lucky enough.
Anyway, my chances are slim and the internationa pool is competetive , but that fact isn't the same for arabs compared to indians and chinese.
In my school (top 3 in the country) I am the only one who has ever thought of applying to the US, no one else thoughto f taking the risk
I am hoping my obvious passion for engineering along with the affirmative actiopn status would get my chances higher. It is still too difficult to get in, though.</p>

<p>^ well said, bro ^
it's the same thing 4 me too, only I go 2 a public school (but it's the most selective in the city)
I have also been working part-time since I was 15, I was representing Egypt in the istanbul meeting of world cultures n youth, & I only recently landed a good internship at a web design company..
I also been an active member at April sixth youth movement for over a year (I quit in may)
&& that is pretty much it..</p>

<p>I know that this is off-point, but I'm so happy 4 u guys el-marzooqi became president. He's an awesome guy.
Hope it works well 4 all of us :)</p>