Should I follow IGETC for A UCLA transfer?

<p>Im majoring in Microbiology Immunology and Molecular Genetics I looked at planned out all my major requirements. Because of my low math placement I am looking at 3 years in community college. I talked to a counsuler but she pretty much explained what I already researched -_-Futhermore,Major Requirements add up to 45 Units GE 12..for a total of 57 Units. Plus a Pre-cal as an elective = 62 units. I'll save a couple of semesters if I don't follow IGETC. She and recommend I complete IGETC. I feel like I should follow The 4 course min. Arts Human, bio phy sciences, Social sci. My Chemistry and Biology meet half and Then i'll take a Philosophy and Humanities course to finish up along with my Math major req (cal II) and English comp.
Thanks for your time..this is my last resort my college counselor is useless..She even told me i must meet a Language Req. in order to transfer. If I follow IGETC I'll max out to more than 70 uc transferable Units.</p>

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