Should I freak out yet?

<p>OK, I sent in my application to Cornell via Common App online, and paid the app fee online as well. However, when I logged in to Cornell's website to check my app status, it said I had not paid and gave me a number to call. I called this number, but it looks like no one will answer until after the holiday break (aka after the Jan 1 deadline is over.) What would you recommend I do?</p>

<p>When did you pay the online fee? Today? It might take a few days for it to process. I paid one school's fee on Wednesday, Dec. 14th or sometime that week. I didn't get a receipt or acknowledgement of such until the next week.</p>

<p>I imagine they might process the fee until after the break. Did you note down the time and date you paid? And if the bill's coming on the credit card you used, that would be useful as proof to show you did pay.</p>

<p>Just call them, usually it is their mistake. Same thing happened with me for texas a&m</p>

<p>Wait 'til after holiday break, then if it still says you have not paid, call.</p>