Should I go back to masters in computer science after withdrawing from university?

Hello, long story short, I had applied to the masters in computer science program at a state college about 9 years ago, before it had begun I withdrew from all of my classes mainly due to freaking out about the cost, amount of work, adjusting to college life again, etc. Yes I messed up, but now I’m in my mid 30’s and feel compatiable of doing it. I’m always going to wonder “what if I had gone” .

During that time I just worked in IT support and took some community college classes. I was also concerned about ageism in technology. I’m truly thinking that it’s just too late, and too much of an uphill battle to overcome and should just let it go. I was never really a school person as it took me 7 years to get my BA and I almost got kicked out due to academic probabtion. I do have some depression and anxiety problems. I do not have a computer science background, so I would have to take all the presequites than I could be admitted into the masters program.

Thoughts? I’m ready for some brutal honesty.

What is your career goal and why a masters in cs?

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Initially when I applied, I wanted to be a software developer but now I’m not so sure. Masters is the next step to a bachelors. At this point, I don’t think I’m making it back so most likely I’m just going to let it go and pursue other avenues. I might try to get into the networking side of computing. Not everyone can program or even consider a boot camp.

I guess in the end here, no one can really make this decision than myself. Thanks everyone for reading and replying.

A masters in CS is going to have a lot of leveling courses to get up to speed on the math. It would be easier and just as employable to get a masters in IT. And really, you wouldn’t even need that. You could get by just taking 2 levels of SQL or other widely used programming language. That would get you proficient enough for a starter job as a software developer. Once you’re in, virtually everything you learn will be on the job.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. I barely passed graduate school by the skin of my teeth. That’s OK, because tech is all learning by doing.

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A master’s isn’t necessarily “the next step” after a bachelor’s. Most people with a bachelor’s don’t get a master’s degree. You should only get one if you need it to do what you want to do for your career. If you want to go into CS, then you might try a master’s degree in CS.

I work in tech and boot camps…have mixed results. I would just say do your research, and ask about their placement rates and where graduates have ended up.

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