should i go into college at 16 with a late birthday? (October)

<p>I am currently 16 years old in grade 12 :( although have friends who don't care about my age which is why i am able to not feel left out, but this year i am going to college so i am wondering if i should go to college at 16yrs turning 17 in October? or should i stay an extra year in highschool then go to college? please tell me what the experience would be like if you have been in this sort of situation or the problems im goinng to be having. thanks</p>

<p>but my daughter will be doing this next fall. I can't imagine what the drawbacks would be, if you feel you are ready to go, and don't have social issues with your peers now. Who would even know how old you are when you get there anyway?</p>

<p>Well you won't be able to really party or anything with your friends and there are a lot of things in college that require you to be 18 but I guess if you want</p>

<p>There were a few people on my freshman floor who were 17 until around December-ish. </p>

<p>Their parents had to sign for EVERYTHING if they wanted to do anything. Apparently if was a royal pain, but something they just had to live with. For them it was no big deal having to get their parents signature for a few months, but I'd imagine it would be obnoxious having to do that for well over a year.</p>

<p>What's the reason you're so young in your senior year of high school? Ie did you skip a grade when you were younger or are you not really a senior (senior by credits but not by years).
If you stay in high school an extra year, what will you do with that time? Extra AP classes? Does your school have a college-extension program you can do? (Ie BOCES in NY).</p>

<p>To be ready for college you have to not only be academically ready, but psychologically ready. College requires making some huge decisions about your life, being an independent adult, and there's constantly pressure to think about your future. I can't imagine dealing with that at 16-17 years old. </p>

<p>If I were you I think I would go ahead and graduate, but maybe get some work experience first. Sometimes entry-level jobs and internships don't require a degree (depending on the field of work, of course). </p>

<p>Or you could do other interesting things, like study abroad or travel. Taking a year- or even just a semester- off will give you a nice break from the academic life. You'll also learn a lot about yourself, the "real world", and discover more about what you want out of life by spending some time away from the classroom for awhile. I'm not saying you should sit at home and do nothing- but look into all the opportunities you might have besides starting college early.</p>

<p>I'm in the same situation as you. 16, will be turning 17 in the fall of my freshman year. I have always been the youngest in my classes, so I don't act any different from my peers. I have lots of friends and a lot of times people just assume I'm 18. I look and act 18. I've had a lot of struggles and have been forced to be mature, so I'm pretty much mentally prepared. I guess I was forced to always act older and didn't have much of a typical childhood. Obviously, there are going to be drawbacks. When everyone is 21 and drinking, you least not legally. You'll be 18 by sophomore year so you won't really miss out much on that part. There might be a couple of stuff that you might have to get permission for but I'm sure it won't be too bad. It's rare but it's not THAT rare to find a 17 year old freshman. If you feel you are not prepared mentally, then don't feel the need to rush into college. Think long and hard.</p>

<p>My Ds friend entered Harvard at 16 .All was fine at first but he became really stressed out in Sophomore year and failed 2 classes due to lack of sleep related to stress .He is taking a leave to sort things out and maybe mature a bit . Prior to entering H , he had taken classes in Senior year of HS at H . Smart kid who perhaps needs to catch up in maturation to college stress .</p>

<p>My reason for being a year younger was when i was a kid my parents apparently made me start school early smh.. and thanks for all the replies they really helped. i think i'm going to stay an extra year in high school and take different courses and be eligible to getting more scholarships. i have realized that i'd rather go into college and have the real college experience and not go into college being insecure about my age and missing out, which is what happened during my high school years and i wouldn't want that to repeat itself. thanks for the help</p>

<p>My father did, but then again this was circa 1970 and in Canada. Still, I'm sure you'll be fine. Your friends will not judge you for being 16, unless you're a dick about it or something.</p>

<p>Apply to college and see if you can ask them to defer your acceptance (once you get in) for one year. Then go the next year stress free :)</p>

<p>heyyyy Im in the same situation.
Im 16 and will turn 17 in November 2012.
I honestly think if you are mentally mature to go through with a college experience and enjoy it! go ahead.
I had to think it over, but realized that I am already so exposed to drinking and party ambiances living abroad, however if you learn to keep a steady focus on the importance of your academics. You can maintain a great life!
Im still awaiting college replies! :) all the best :D</p>

<p>Many students in your situation graduate, and then do a post-grad year at a prep school. Looks great on college applications. Sure, it costs about the same as an extra year of college, but if your family can afford it it could be something to consider. It may not be too late to apply to prep schools, but it's getting close I think.</p>

<p>My daughter turned 17 right before she started college. It has not been a big deal. You have been in class for years with older peers and college will not be any different. She twirls with her college band and travels on all of the trips with them. The only thing we had to sign for was when she signed up for a dorm and we had to sign for her to receive treatment at the health center. These were each a one time thing and good for the rest of the year. When she wants to get in clubs she just takes her college ID. It gets her in the door everytime and she gets a band that doesn't allow drinking. I think you should go for it. She will graduate at 20 if she takes classes each semester, or at 21 if she decides to go abroad for a semester or two. Most of her friends at college don't even realize that she is younger unless she chooses to tell them.</p>