Should I go test optional? Please let me know

Hi! I am applying to Penn RD and I can not decide whether to submit my ACT or not. I am 1/177, varsity sports all 4 years, 4.0 unweighted GPA, and 4.63 weighted. My ACT is 30. Opinions?

My opinion is the same as what I posted on your other threads. A 30 is too low for Penn and will hurt your application.

Thank you so much!

No way. You are one of those people who are going to benefit tremendously from test-optional. Do not submit that score.

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Your stats are indicative of someone who would have a 34+ and most admissions officers will assume that if you go test optional. Do not submit!

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Definitely no on submitting your ACT. Way too low for Penn. Good luck !!

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