Should I go test-optional?

Overall, I know that this ultimately depends on my opinion and situation, but I’d like some outside perspectives. For some context, I’m applying to some super competitive schools (a number of them are through the Questbridge program since I’m a Finalist, but this question applies for schools outside of the program as well).

I obviously plan on submitting my scores to schools where I fall into their averages (I have a 31 ACT with a 32 Superscore. I have a 1360 SAT, but my math is pretty low so I don’t think I’ll submit that score).

My question is… for schools like Rice, Princeton, Northwestern, etc. Their averages are 33-35 for the ACT. My take is that for those schools, I should go test-optional then pour everything I have into essays, getting good recs, thorough ECs, etc… Agreed? Thanks in advance for the help!

I agree that it is best to apply test optional (when possible) if your score is below the school’s average.