Should I go to community college instead.......

<p>Hi, I am currently a freshman at SDSU and I am looking for some information about transferring to a UC. I have come to the realization that I don't really fit in here at SDSU and I would like to transfer to a UC (specifically UCSD, UCI, or UCR). The thing is, I have heard that UCs give priority to transfer students from community college and other UCs and that they accept very few transfer from CSUs. So, in that case, would it be better for me to transfer to a community college and transfer to a UC from there or should I stay here at SDSU and try to transfer from here. By the way, if this helps, my major is Mechanical Engineering.</p>

<p>Transfer to a CC. It's cheaper than a CSU, easier to transfer to a UC from, and you can do TAG to UCSD, UCI or UCR.</p>

<p>I took the same route. I went from SJSU to a CC, and eventually to UC Davis. I saved a ton of money and graduated debt-free. It can be done. When it comes time to transfer for your junior year, you may want to reapply to SDSU as a backup, in case the UC thing doesn't work out. At least you would know what you're getting yourself into.</p>