Should I go to Gallatin?

<p>I want to study Genetics and Biomedical Sciences, but the university only offers Biology as a major and Biomedical Sciences as a minor for CAS.
Do you think I should apply to Gallatin or stick with CAS? I don't know if Gallatin is programmed towards designing science majors because I looked on the website and most of the sample majors they show are history related.</p>

<p>I was actually wondering the same thing about Gallatin and science.</p>

<p>Comming from a student who was accepted to Gallatin because he was absolutely in love with NYU but had to turn it down for Cornell: make sure you know what you're doing when you tinker with this Gallatin program. In all honesty, I applied because I knew it was easier to get into but this program is completely different. You're not part of any one department so you don't have much of a network; you're just some student floating around in the system with an advisor who hopefully actually cares about you. I would go with CAS and just take electives in things that interest you. I wish I applied to CAS but after going to Gallatin orientation, meeting some kids there, looking at starting salary stats and where Gallatin kids ended up after grad, I thought screw this and went to Cornell. I loved NYU though and wish I applied to CAS instead of taking the easy way out and messing myself up.</p>

<p>Best of luck.</p>

<p>I have no experience of Gallatin but I can say that a science major would be totally possible. I have a friend with a science major there. She loves it. (although she has a strong sense of community and identity from her extra curricular clubs so that's not an issue for her, as Jay mentioned it was in Gallatin). You can really major in anything in Gallatin. I knew a guy who was majoring in Love. (I think he's now changed that though).</p>

<p>it's true that you can major in anything in gallatin, but don't forget there is a credit requirement that you have to fulfill taking classes in the gallatin department itself. so look at the course listings on the website and see if there are enough classes you'd want to take that would be related to your major. also some CAS classes are harder to get into because majors have priority- i have no idea if yours is one of them, but it's something you should look into.</p>