Should I hand in my SAT for ed 2 at case western?

Hello! I got a 1410 on the SAT which is in range for case but I got a 690 in math and 720 in english. The math is a bit underwhelming but I also have had b’s in math so it kind of makes sense. Should I even bother handing it in? I have alright ec:
Class President
National Honors Society VP
Varsity Volleyball 4 years (Captain) and all-state so on
Varsity Outdoor and Indoor Track (Caption) qualified for states and so on
Over 100 hours volunteering for karate (Black belt)
volunteered at a volleyball camp
Dance Team
UW gpa is about a 3.85 and W is 4.29

What major are you thinking of?
What math courses have you taken and what were your grades?

I am planning to major in bio on the pre med track
I got a B in algebra 2 H and a B+ in pre calc H. I got an A in chem H and currently senior year for first term I have an A in AP Calc, Chem, and Bio. Other APs I took were us history, seminar, Lang and lit