Should I hang myself?

<p>I applied to yale EA with a 1270 on the june SAT. i was expecting to go up in october but actually scored a 1260. I am a URM #1 in class captain of 5 teams, president of 1 club and 4 CC courses. Do I still have a chance at being accepted or should I get ready to go to a community college?</p>

<p>community college? honestly, cut the crap with the drama. you have a decent shot at yale, just as good as anyone else. if you don't get in, remember that you have many other GREAT options. yale is not the only school out there.</p>

<p>woah, woah, there are a LOT of excellent schools between Yale and a CC. I dont know what your particular interests are, so its hard to suggest one, but you have good stats. If the Ivy league doesnt pan out the way you had hoped, there are hundreds of other, challenging, friendly, busy, involved, schools. I don't know about your chance at Yale except that the 1270 doesn't help... it also depends on your transcript, essays, recs, and everything else that you are presenting as a candidate. You could look into the schools on the Top CC Schools forum and see what is offered there, go to PR and CB and plug in your stats and interests and see what else comes up.<br>
best of luck at Yale - i hope you get into whichever school is truely the best fit for you.</p>

<p>Yeah, drama isn't going to help. At this point, it's just a waiting game for all of us. No one knows who will get in or why. </p>

<p>Right now, you should be working on other applications. Not for Yale. Not for Community College. Find a nice intermediate.</p>

<p>no, no drama involved. I was going to hang myself after that 1260</p>

<p>i SERIOUSLY hope you're joking... if so-- NOT funny... in any case, good luck.</p>

<p>a bit on the extreme side, aren't we?</p>

<p>"I was going to hang myself after that 1260"...</p>

<p>But you didn't, you're still here... If you had really meant it you would have done it but thank goodness you're sane enouh to realise that isn't some sort of solution. You should be proud of yourself instead of this melodramatic attitude that isn't going to get you anywhere- Like everyone else has said here, concentrate on applications for other universities.</p>

<p>Yes. (10 characters)</p>