Should I have checked EA somewhere on my wisconsin application?

<p>I just submitted my application to wisconsin madison but i cant remember if it asked me if I wanted to apply early action or not. Since I applied before the due date should I assume it was submitted as early action or was it stated somewhere else in the application?</p>

<p>No it doesn't
i figured the same thing- we applied by the deadline so I guess they infer it's early action</p>

<p>Definitely call the school tomorrow and make sure. You don't want what could potentially be a silly error (either on your part or theirs, if they forgot to include a marking for it) to possibly affect your chances.</p>

<p>There was recently a thread about a school that forgot to include a bunch of markings on various forms. I guess no students really said anything about it, because when the poster from here on CC called, the college acted shocked and tried to deny the boxes/sections weren't on the application, until they went on and saw they had, indeed, forgotten to include them as part of their application. So by calling, the CC poster was able to straighten things out.</p>