Should I/ How would I write an college essay for my interest for Anime?

Relating to how it had helped me escape reality in times when my parents were going through a divorce, I wanted to write on how it had developed me as a person, a stronger individual, and had helped me develop more social skills. As I had no interest in anything when I was a child, I wanted to say how this was the first thing that had truly raised my attention and entertained me. To add on, I was going to include how watching characters in similar situations as I had given me a reliability to them and had made me learn from them. Is this a good idea? Would you be able to learn anything from me about this? Or is this too childish?

I think that this can be a good essay if you begin by explaining what Anime is and you are specific about making your point–the ability to identify and invest in interests is important and people’s interests often lead to their friend groups, social activity, and even jobs. Best of luck.

A description of cartoon characters won’t make for a great essay.

But a description of finding something that allowed you to divert your attention from an unpleasant situation at home, that taught you coping skills, that brought you out of yourself and enabled you to grow… tha could make a good essay.

It’s seldom about the topic, it’s almist always a out what you choose to do with it.

Why not try a very rough draft? What do you have to lose?

Consider the timeline though… if this happened too long ago it loses its punch

Anime covers a wide territory. It’s like saying science fiction taught me about life. Unless the reader already has familiarity with your characters who taught you so much, it’s going to be a hard sell.
I do like the essence of what you’re proposing but not sure your anime angle will work well.

I wouldn’t make it about anime. I would make it about finding something you love, and learning from it.

The essay has to be about YOU. Remember, the point is to “give them a reason to say yes to your application.”

it may be a grudge to write successfully. You may find yourself having to spend most of your 650-word limit explaining the characters, not yourself. Keep in mind you have a limit, and you need to sell YOURSELF. not your favorite anime shows

I think you want to be careful with the idea that it was the only thing that interested you as a child. That would be a HUGE red flag to me if I were reading that essay, especially at a top college. At a college with high admissions rates, go ahead. But colleges that are picky about admissions want students who are interested and interesting. Also, this sounds like it was some time ago – you want to have something more recent if possible. They aren’t admitting your elementary or middle school self. They are admitting a HS senior who is looking ahead to college.

That said, one of my kids wrote a very successful essay about her efforts to imitate her favorite character from literature (secretly) over the years. She did touch on her introduction to the character in middle school, but the bulk of the essay was about her high school years, what she has kept and discarded from that character, and what remains from that influence.