Should I include a one time 5 hour community service thing I did?

<p>sophomore year to pass a class everyone has to take (Gym with Health) you have to do 4 hours community service, so I did this one 5 hour thing. I only started doing real community service summer after sophomore year, so should I include this 5 hour thing I did on my activities?</p>

<p>If you consider this activity to be significant, then of course :]. Does it relate in any way to your other activities? If so, list it.</p>

<p>Hopefully you will have many other things to list, such that there might not even be room for this one from sophomore year.</p>

<p>Nope, it was strictly to fullfill the community service requirement, its random. but right now I have 11 spaces filled so...</p>

<p>should i fill this in the 12th space since I did it? of course it will be the least important one to me.</p>

<p>^Oh my goodness, you filled up eleven spaces already? Haha, in that case, you're good. There's no need for that extra five hour ----> depth is sometimes more important than breadth :).</p>

<p>as a matter of fact, I'm thinking about removing the 11th space too, which is National Honor society. I'm not an officer, I don't know what to put for approximate time spent. is that a good idea?</p>

<p>How about putting it down as an award instead?</p>

<p>haha yeah...but I already filled up my 5 honors</p>

<p>WOW i sound like a doosh with my EC's and awards almost completely filled</p>