Should I include Class Rank

<p>I am applying to UNC(out of state) this fall and have a question about my Class Rank</p>

<p>My school does not give out class rank unless it is requested (in a seperate envelope-which i have done). However I am unsure whether it will hurt or help my chances at UNC.</p>

<p>My GPA is 4.23 w class rank 19/458 around 4%
on the sheet the school DOES SEND it says the 1st decile is from 4.14 -4.66
however the valedictorian only has a 4.48</p>

<p>Will it help or hurt---
other stats:
SAT 1430 ACT 31
UW GPA 3.97</p>

<p>hey I have the same SAT, similar GPA as you...except im 19th out of 604 and haven't gotten my ACT scores yet since i just took them yesterday :-p. what schools are you looking at? i was also considering UNC but i'm from NY and might not want to go that far.</p>

<p>I have a 4.57 and I am number 5 of 600! Will a college look at my GPA more than my class rank?</p>

<p>UNC, Miami OH, UNCW, South Carolina, Bowling Green</p>

<p>the only real prestigious ones are UNC and Miami OH
Im from Ohio</p>

<p>why am i lucky ur 5th!</p>

<p>i think #5 out of 600 is pretty solid(top 1%) and having a 4.57 doesn't hurt either. both of those numbers will probably help you a lot.</p>

<p>should I include my class rank though</p>

<p>please? will i help or hurt me?</p>

<p>I think that it would help you to include it, in my humble opinion. If you were outside the top 10%, then I might have a different opinion.</p>

<p>you should add your rank, because some schools are just too easy and a large percentage has a gpa of over 4.0. YOur rank will show that you are doing well in a more difficult school</p>

<p>today i asked a counselor and they said unless i was in the top 10 PEOPLE not to include u agree</p>

<p>I think it'll help you, but it isn't crucial.</p>

<p>If your school ranks, it will most likely be on your transcript. It will definitely appear in the GC recommendation</p>