Should I include my 29 ACT score for my application into UPenn?

I am planning on applying into UPenn for early decision. My first ACT score was a 29 and I am planning on retaking it again this October 10th. If my score is within the 29-32 range should I still include it into my application? If I will omit the score, will I be at a disadvantage?
I have an unweighted 4.0 GPA and a weighted 4.70 GPA. I am ranked #3/306 students for my class. I took 8 AP classes and on the path of getting my AP Capstone Diploma. I participate in my schools Biomedical Program where we do research and biomedical lab procedures (ELISA test, chromatography, etc.).

According to UPenn’s 2019-2020 Common Data Set, the 25-75 percentile for the ACT was 33-35. As such, I wouldn’t include a 29. Where did you get the 29-32 range?

The only situation where I would consider submitting that score is if you are a URM. Even then, I lean towards not submitting because overall it weakens your application (looking at GPA/rigor/rank). IMO of course.

It is most relevant to look at admitted student stats if you can find them (CDS has enrolled student stats). U Penn’s mid 50% ACT of admitted students for class of 2024 was 34-36.

No, do not include the score.