Should I include my SAT scored in my UC application if I want to get into UC Davis?


My SAT score is a 1340 (Reading - 630, Math - 710). I was going to retake it but my test center just got canceled and their are no more seats. I have signed up to take the ACT though in December, but I’m not sure how I’ll do on that. I’m applying as a Biological Science major and I am going the pre-med route. Keep in mind the 50th percentile for freshman last year was 1260-1470, so I am within the 50th percentile.

My GPAs are:
UC Unweighted: 4.0
UC Weighted: 4.42
UC Weighted and capped: 4:42

Course Load (including senior year): 6 APs, 1 honors, and 5 transferable community college classes.

AP Tests: AP Lang (4) and AP Calc AB (5)

AP Classes: AP Bio, AP Calc AB, AP Lang, AP Environmental, AP Chemistry, AP Calc BC

CC Classes: Anatomy and Physiology, U.S. history (so I could get college credit), Psychology, Religions of the World, Sociology.

My ExtraCurriculars: Red Cross Volunteer (both a volunteer and a Volunteer Engagement Lead for all of Alameda County, the South Bay, and the Central Coast), Washington Hospital Volunteer, Math/Science Mentor, Religious volunteering, Science Club (President), Pre-med Club (President), Interact Club, Science Bowl, JV tennis, and I also started my own tutoring business.

  • I have exactly 1000 hours of volunteering.

Based on this, do you think that submitting my SAT score will lower my chances of getting into UC Davis, or will they not affect it at all? Should I submit them or not? Also, do you think I’ll get into UC Davis?

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