Should I Include These on My Application?


I’m applying to the U of Chicago EA…I’ve written a full-length (109 pages) screenplay, as well as a published op/ed article in one of Canada’s largest papers…My questions are: a) Should I include the clipping in my application? and b) How would/should I go about mentioning I wrote a screenplay? Thanks.

<p>does U Chicago not accept a resume? I expect you can stick writing a screenplay in your essay at least. That's a great accomplishment. I think you definitely need to include it somehow. goodluck.</p>

<p>There's no harm in doing that.</p>

<p>I was at the prospective student's day yesterday and one of the things I sat in on was the Admission/Fin'l Aid talk. They do have the Uncommon Application, and seem not to be as hard line as some schools about including extra stuff, but I'd proceed with caution. Anectodal evidence suggests they only have about 20 minutes to read your resume, so do you want some of that time to be spent reading your Op-Ed or your application? We have the same issue, with my dd having published an article in a magazine about an academic EC she's spent 4 years doing. I'm not sure about one-off articles. In her case, we're leaning toward including as it illustrates 4 years of work that would only otherwise be laundry listed under Activities and Interests. The essays don't seem to have any room for discussing things like this.</p>

<p>However, under Activities, they say you are welcome to provide attachments to elaborate on your activities. So if you did a resume type deal, you could have a Publication or Writing section, where you give the date, the title, where published and a one or two line descriptive statement. I think that's the way to go. However, don't exclude it from the required activities list.</p>

<p>id say you should send your manuscript not to the admissions office but to the theater/drama office. if all goes well then they might report it to the admissions office and give you a strong rec</p>