Should i include this in my app?

I designed and handmade a few t-shirts which hv the slogan ‘i hate …(some non-academic course in the curriculum. its freaking frustrating Btw)’ last year.
those were quite well-received by my friends and i managed to sell abt 10 tshirts to them.
it was proven to be quite profitable~
even our school counselor had approached me for one (it was sold out at the time she asked me)

so. can i include this thing in my resume or art portfolio (my senior suggested me to make one after seeing all those works i did)?
will the colleges accuse me for having an attitude problem towards school curriculum?


This could be that one thing that differentiates you from the rest, as long as it isnt profane, I’d say include it.

Is it only funny to people who go to your school?

not just to those in my school.
almost everyone who take that thing (which is compulsory) shows strong disapproval of it…
even our teachers
but i guess some of the school admins may not like it

I don’t really think its a possible message to portray…
It is risky. You could try it… but they might not like it (the Adcoms)