Should I join a Sorority?

I am interested in joining Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority or maybe another sorority, but I am concerned about if it is good for me. My time is precious as a pre-med who will also be doing volunteering, shadowing, and research.

My roommate actually joined that sorority last year and I would not recommend it at all if you are going to be doing pre-med on top of volunteering, shadowing, and research. I am not sure if it is the same with all sororities but for that one she had to do so much work just to officially get initiated. I remember she was out since the time she was done with classes until past midnight doing stuff for her sorority for a few weeks. Being her roommate I barely even saw her because she was so busy doing stuff for that sorority. I honestly did not understand how she had time for anything else. Not sure if all sororities are like that or not, but just be prepared for how much time you will have to put into one.

I would highly recommend joining a sorority. Not only is it an easy way to make friends, especially if you’re busy, but you’re making loads of connections that can help you find volunteer, research, internship, and job opportunities. You’ll also gain social and leadership skills that will only help you later in life. If you’re at all interested, I would at least give it a try and see if you like it. You never know!

Skip the sorority and focus on your classes. I wasn’t in one and still made plenty of friends. Most sororities require you to attend weekly events and meetings that will definitely coincide with school related work.