should i just give up or am i out of luck ? :( please help

<p>i'm an upcoming senior, and have an 87 unweighted gpa.
i have yet to take my sats, will probably take them 2 times in the fall.
i do keyclub, chorale, musical, have a part time job, green team, french club, newspaper and yearbook. i am graduating one year early basically doubling up on 11/12 grade. but am considered a full on senior this year. my school sched. has always been busy. i;ve taken AP economics, Ap english Lit, honors einglish ( 9-10 grade ) Ap us history and IB french. the rest are regular courses. i am hoping on attending UB, Fredonia, Cortland, Syracuse or Suny Purchase. what should i do to increase my chances? or am i out of luck. where do you think i can get accepted out of these? and i'm hispanic</p>