Should i lighten my spring 2012 semester?

<p>so i've just got my tag from ucsc approved and im applying to davis irvine and san diego for regular admission.</p>

<p>My planned spring semester looks like this</p>

<p>Calculus 2
Discrete Math
Linear Algebra/Diff eq.
calculus based physics mechanics and waves</p>

<p>What i need to transfer
Calc 2
any college physics class should do. i wanted to take 185 to prepare me for the series i have to take later.</p>

<p>technically i could take the lighter version so i can do well and have an easy semester, or cram all the class so i can transfer with all my pre-req + general ed done</p>

<p>depending on your GPA, diff eq and physics mechanic is not easy. Thats alot of math you are taking</p>

<p>if u like math, i see no problem. Basically, cal 2 is easy if u know the basic of cal 1, Discrete math is nasty, linear algebra is fun, diffre equa quite nastier than discrete, and physic is fairly decent enough to consume 1 hour everyday just for you to think.</p>

<p>btw i hope you have enough time to do all the homework, i mean about 5-6 hours everyday.</p>