Should I list AP scholar award if choosing to not report any AP scores?

Hi everyone,

Last spring, I took my first 4 AP tests and got (2) 4s and (2) 3s. I was pretty surprised that I did so bad, since I got straight As in the AP classes, but the exams were super weird because they were online.

However, I’m not planning on reporting these scores, since (A) colleges can’t see the number of AP exams that I’ve taken and (according to my guidance counselor) will probably just ignore the absence of reported scores, since (B) the AP tests were practically meaningless last year and don’t even play an important role normally.

However, these scores somehow qualified me for the AP scholar with honor award.

I’m wondering if I should put this award on my application or if colleges would be sketched out by me including it but not listing the exam scores.

By the way, I got a 35 on the ACT last winter, so I’m planning on submitting that as my only standardized test score.

Any advice would be great!

The AP Scholar awards are as meaningful as a good citizenship medal.

Listing the award will tell admission readers that care about AP scores that you earned enough 3 scores, rather than only 1 and 2 scores that they may otherwise assume.