Should i list my AP scores?

<p>i got into one of my top choices UMICH, which i will probably be going to unless the unimaginable happens.</p>

<p>and i got rejected from stanford.
im applying to HYP also along with CHicago, Rice, WashU, dartmouth</p>

<p>should i list my ap scores</p>

<p>which were
AP lang 3
AP stats 4
AP US 4</p>

<p>would it hurt me when im compared to all those kids with 5s. I mean there an unbelievable amount of applications with perfect scores its ridicolous. I didnt even study for my ap tests.</p>

<p>should i list only US and Stats and remove Lang. Lang is not really my best subject got 640 on CR and SAT II LIT. but, i think i got around mid 700s in DEC on CR. Probably the reason i got rejected by stanford. I will see thursday.</p>

<p>anyways, what do you think? if they dont see them it cant hurt me? or is a 4 ok?</p>

<p>i'm reporting all my 4s and 5s. i'm still unsure about the 3s.</p>

<p>what r ur stats</p>

<p>stats were bad. Poor SAt's thats why i retook in DEC.</p>

Gpa: 3.95, 4.1 W</p>

i'm reporting all my 4s and 5s. i'm still unsure about the 3s.


Wouldn't they see the AP classes you took on your transcript and then wonder why you took AP exams in some but not all of them?</p>

<p>i had a 2 on my AP Latin Vergil (I left the exam after an hour...) and put it on my apps along with two 4's and a 5. It couldn't have hurt me that much since i got into all three of my EA schools ; )</p>

<p>I was under the impression AP scores aren't considered in admissions..</p>