Should I mail the dean?

So I applied ED1 to bucknell but I thought I shouldn’t submit some of my accomplishments in athletics , tennis , because I never got the chance to play professionally and I know they want professional college athletes . But I think I should submit my athletic accomplishments. I am thinking of mailing the dean and explaining to him how where I come from women aren’t allowed to participate professionally in athletics but that I did still play for six years and have a few accomplishments and attach the certificates I received . Should I do that?

The Dean doesn’t make academic or athletic admissions decisions, so you’d be wasting your time doing that. Just let your grades and accomplishments stand on their own merits.

No college athlete has played ‘professionally’ (received money for playing). Being a professional would make them ineligible for college athletics.

If you want to be recruited for athletics, contact the coach.

Your tennis would have been a nice extra to include.

Don’t decisions get released on Wednesday? The decisions have probably already been made. If you don’t get in, it won’t be because of that.