Should I major in Biology or Public Health if I am interested in going into medicine?

I have currently been accepted into several schools as a Public Health major, but I have the option of changing it to biology. What are the pros and cons of earning a bachelor’s degree in Public Health vs. one in Biology? Which is recommended?

Pre med isn’t a major. There are basic requirements for med school. If both majors give you access to the required science and math classes go with the one you like best. You also need a literature or writing type classes as well for med school.

Public health may be a bit more “non med school” user friendly if you change career goals. But hard to be a PhD in biology type fields with out the high end bio a major would provide. But that’s a rare track.

If it’s public health or global health policy these are great majors.

Probably slightly easier too.

No specific major is required to do pre-med, but you need to be able to take the pre-med courses. Biology happens to be a “convenient” major for pre-med, since it mostly overlaps with the pre-med courses. But about half of medical school applicants and matriculants are non-biology majors.

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