Should I minor in Spanish?

I want to go to college on the premed track. I heard that people who know a second language (especially Spanish) are more valuable in medicine? Is this true? I am taking Spanish in High School now I love it, I have Spanish speaking people in my family so I have some experience I am not bad. I also have an A+ in the class. I plan on taking Spanish all 4 years.

So should I minor in Spanish? Or is it not worth the struggle? I also want to study abroad in a Spanish speaking country. Any advice is helpful. Thank you (:

Spanish is useful in medicine in some places. My sister had a lunch chat to learn Spanish during med school. She had studied French in HS.

It sounds a little early for you to pick a minor. My son is considering study abroad as part of his degree without a minor.

There is absolutely no reason to decide on a college minor while you are in HS. If you enjoy Spanish continue with the language in college and then decide.

Agree with the above posters: in real life an official ‘minor’ counts for very little. Fluency in Spanish won’t tip the balance in med school admissions but it is definitely a useful life skill & an asset for people in the medical field.

It is great to have a second language under your belt for pretty much any career, but i think you have a long ways to go until you have to decide whether to minor or major in Spanish. If you like it, keep up with it and have fun with it until college. Once you are there you will see there are so many other minor/major options and might want to reevaluate your priorities.