should i NOT apply CIT??? (my verbal score sux)

<p>i have previously posted my stats and asked about my chance. (old forum)
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<p>a bad news is I got only 500 on my SAT verbal, as well as i got a mysterious SAT1 math score 760. (i dont know why -_-)
now i am wondering applying Caltech early would be just wasting money and time..</p>

<p>as you can see from above link, i have neither gotten any significant national level awards, nor had a research/lab experience. but i have a great amount of leadership and extracurriculum activities. i've been in an english-speaking country only 4 years..</p>

<p>i hate to ask this. but what's my chances?
i wont apply Caltech, if my chance is minimal..</p>

<p>Uh, a 500 is a pretty low score. I would encourage you to brush up on it a bit, retake it, and apply regular decision.</p>


<p>Just for some reference, the lowest verbal score of anyone accepted at Caltech was 460.</p>

<p>Oh, sorry. Your link doesns't point to the right thread - a data transmission error...?</p>