Should I panic?

<p>I submitted my application to UMD a few weeks ago, along with my SAT scores.
I had a 1370 CR/Math score (all they look at), which would easily put me in the better 40% of students.
Problem is, I also sent my ACT scores, and I was unable to cancel them. I scored an embarrassing 27 on the ACT, and I fear they will receive it and use it in the admissions decision. Should I be concerned? :(</p>

<p>If they only take CR/Math for SAT, </p>

<p>would the same be for teh ACT where they only take English/Math or Reading/Math? </p>

<p>What was the breakdown of your ACT?</p>

<p>Well since with Nihilism nothing matters, I wouldn't panic.</p>

<p>Don't panic. I'd imagine that they would just use the better of your two scores in the admissions decision. Unless they explicitly showed preference for the ACT...</p>

<p>Its all pointless. Don't be concerned, just clear all your thoughts.</p>

<p>Worry will not make your chances go up.
It is what it is.</p>

<p>For reference, I emailed them and got this response.
"Thank you for your message. We will consider your highest scores."
Very comforting news!</p>