Should I Pass/Fail one class to save my 4.0 GPA?

I’m really stuck on what decision I should make. I am a pre-med biology major, and my goal was to maintain a 4.0 all through college. My doggie passed away a week ago, and I’ve been super distracted because of it and did not do as well on my online practical as I hoped. I made an A- in my lab, and it is only worth one credit, but my GPA will go down to a 3.99. I know I sound like a perfectionist because I want my GPA to be a perfect 4.0, but this has not only been a goal for getting into medical school, but a personal goal as well. Will passing that class look worse than taking the A- and decreasing my GPA? I would sacrifice the 4.0 if it will help me better in the long run. Please give me any advice!!

Change it so you have the perfect GPA grad schools and etc will understand the switch during times like this.

Goodness, I hope you DIDN’T!! My son spoke to several Med School admissions people- there were online “tours” over the summer, and pretty much every one stated that they will count a Pass/Fail as a “C” or below. So, don’t do that, unless it IS a “C” or lower!

Being a perfectionist is a wonderful gift that allows you to produce the top-quality work! I totally understand wanting a perfect GPA, and the struggle to do so with your situation. As someone mentioned above, most colleges will understand in a time like this if you choose to take a pass/fail to keep your 4.0 GPA. If this is only one class on your transcript, it will not stand out as much as your final GPA. The only concern is that they may think that you received a C, which would not be the best. However, remember that they see all of your grades. They will probably view it as you not wanting to ruin your GPA because of a grade slightly less than an A. In fact, on some applications you will have an opportunity to explain your grades. You can mention why you chose to make it a pass/fail and the actual grade that you received. In reality, a 3.99 and a 4.0 are not much different. The choice will depend purely on personal reasons and any awards/mentions that you may obtain from a full 4.0. Do what your heart tells you. There will not be any significant impact on your med school applications; only on your personal goals.

I wish I came across this thread sooner.

The OP is long gone. And since it’s mathematically impossible to go from a 4.0 to a 3.99, I’m calling this a joke post and closing.