Should i pay for an acceptance fee to osu now?

<p>I have recently received my offer from OSU in columbus. I applied for rolling.
However, things came from this.
there is a file in the offer and says: to confirm your intention to enroll, please complete the Aceeptance Fee Statement below and return it to us with your payment......blablabla.....
and the due date is 12/23/10</p>

<p>does that mean i should decide whether to go or not now?? but it is just the beginning .....</p>

<p>if i paid for OSU,can i not go to this school at the very end??
i mean, is this payment mean i MUST go to OSU???
can i tell them i don't want to go there after i have paid??</p>

<p>DS was just accepted, and we’re also wondering the same thing. Anyone know?</p>

<p>This seems strange. I thought for all types of admissions except early decision, the decision date was May 1st? I’d call OSU admissions and ask what the acceptance date is, if you cannot find the info on their website. BTW, I know nothing about OSU, I am a parent in NJ. Good Luck!</p>