Should I pursue extracurricular courses while I take a break from Fall 22 Uni semester

Good morning, users

I’m going to take a break from Uni just Fall 22 semester only, I need some physical rest, and I’ll be back in spring 2023.

Before you comment, read first please :slight_smile:

Yes I am going to pay “out of pocket” for the courses.

I’m thinking of

Mechanics and power

What can a person do with those types of courses if they took them

I am drawn to physics, math and chemistry, biology too. I keep thinking I should dedicate my life to those topics.


Are you already enrolled at a particular university, and are they holding a spot for you starting in the following semester? If so, then have you talked to your academic advisor about this?

Alternately, are you planning to start applying to universities sometime in the near future?

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No. You should be conserving your cash to pay for the rest of your Bachelor’s degree, and should not be spending tuition money “exploring” at this point in your life. Once you have a stable job post-grad, you can take whatever extra courses you have time and energy for. None of these subjects are in danger of running away in the next few years.

You need a plan to finish your degree, take and pass the boards, and get a job. That’s your top priority right now. If you need a break, then take a break as long as you don’t risk losing credits or your senior standing at your current U. So meet with a Dean ASAP to run the plan past someone in authority.

There is plenty of physics, biology and chemistry in nursing. But you need to get moving with your life instead of following every detour that presents itself…


I think you should wait and take the courses at when you return to your college.


Already enrolled in a Uni finishing up my summer semester. Taking a break for fall and will return back in spring 23.

I own a building as a side job, make good passive income, money is not an issue, I can afford the courses; even though I did a loan in the past also building more good credit.

I think that you should talk to your academic advisor at your current university. I do not see any problem with your taking an extra class or two, but your academic advisor both would know whether this would cause any problems, and also whether you can get academic credit for courses that you take elsewhere.

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My advice still stands, loans or not. If you need a break, take a break. Learn to knit, take virtual tours of the Louvre or British Museum, join a book club. If your brain needs a break from studying nursing, then taking more science courses “for fun” doesn’t seem like it’s going to give you a break. If you have the mental stamina for Statics, just finish off your degree and forget the break. You have the rest of your life to take classes for fun; now’s the time for you to finally finish up and get moving professionally.


“You need a plan to finish your degree, take and pass the boards, and get a job. That’s your top priority right now.” Agree with @blossom.

If you need some “physical rest” why would you attempt to take more courses that weren’t approved by the advisor in your major??

An “EC” is an extra-curricular activity like volunteering at a food bank, working the phones at a senior center, working at a summer camp teaching arranging flowers, or teaching basketball to kids. It’s not taking more aimless courses.

This is not like your previous CC where you avoided transferring by taking every course on campus. Everything counts.

What is the issue with you transitioning to a university without going off on tangents? Those three courses are not my idea of taking a rest.

Why attend a university at all? You still don’t seem to have a productive goal other than not having to work and expecting to be waited upon.

If you’re not serious about a university education, and completing a degree, don’t waste anyone else’s time. Keep your building and making your passive income. No one says you have to have a degree for that.


Understood. Aristotle studied wide range of topics.

I’m in no rush to get my nursing degree, life is treating me good, in the past I was rushing like there was no time left, but now I can take it easy :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t have the nerve to ever dare compare myself to Aristotle (great teacher and philosopher). I know that Aristotle completed many achievements including developing libraries, writing and producing hundreds of books, as well as publishing items that influenced the developers of the modern world. It was innate in him.

Many of us have studied a wide range of topics during our educations and continue to learn something new every day. The difference is that we also got our degrees along the way.


Make sure your Dean and Advisor are good with your plan to “take it easy” while getting your degree. And make sure you aren’t at risk of having to take licensing exams years after having taken the relevant courses. Not everyone can stretch out their education and still pass a competency exam on material they learned years ago. And finally-- make sure you’ve calculated the opportunity costs of NOT getting out and getting a job. Owning a building is great- but every extra year you spend in college is a year you aren’t earning a professional salary as a nurse, contributing to your 401K (with your employer likely paying in a portion as well), a year you don’t have health insurance paid for in total or part by your employer, etc.


The world is your classroom and I love that you are curious about so many things.

But please do not pay for any courses in the fall when MIT is offering them all for free.

Go visit your local library and see what they have going on. They may have some guest speakers or “micro” classes on certain topics or skills.

Use this time to take care of yourself and get medical care, holistic supports, and career advise. Take steps to implement recommended changes. Have someone help you be accountable. Do not swat away people trying to be helpful on Cc. You were getting medical professionals telling you to seek care and you discounted their concerns and insisted you would continue to wear ankle socks.

You have had a series of posts where you clearly are looking for folks to tell you it is okay to not be a nurse and to refocus. The latest is with your feet, previously about a friend who was not happy and you may be making the same bad choice, etc…

I do not think nursing is in your future. That is ok. I think you know that. Figure out what you can get a BA or BS in combined with the credits you have. Most jobs do not care what your major ends up being.

One idea - Working at a university would allow you to be a life long learner and take classes for free forever one or two at a time. That may be a great pace for you. Look at current job postings at colleges and talk to people about their jobs. It sounds like you will not be able to be on your feet for long shifts right now. There are plenty of jobs that require sitting for much of the day.

Take care.


@Pathnottaken Is right. I should have listened to the CC users, they were trying to help but I pushed them away and got defensive all of a sudden, must be in my nature but those compression socks are the best, been on my feet all day and no pain.

Oh funny thing got new legit insoles, turns out the old insoles ones where cheap knockoffs made in china, which caused pain.

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