Should I pursue pharmacy?

So, I like Chemsisty and math and because of that I have decided that I would give Pharmacy a go. I am planning on working in a pharmacy in the fall just to see if it really is for me. I have heard a lot of people saying that pharmacy is saturated so I’m kinda scared about that. Anyways, if I find that maybe pharmacy isn’t for me is there any other careers that are similar to that. I am thinking for now that I want to work in a hospital setting, but that may change in the future. (I’m a high school senior going into college).


There are lots of careers in medical settings. Work in that pharmacy this summer and see what you think of it, and chat up the medical and healthcare folks you meet while on that job to learn more about what each of them do.

The glory surrounding the undergraduate education for future medical students (medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, et cetera) is the nature of their degree. “Pre-pharmacy” is actually not a major, but rather a program of study. Your degree will more than likely be a Bachelor of Science in Chemsitry with a minor in either biology or mathematics, meaning you won’t be limited to pharamcy school. You could easilly become a chemist, a professor, or even a doctor if you complete the proper coursework. It is true pharmacy is a rather saturated market in its current state however, statistics now can be radically different from statistics in eight years. A similar fear caused many students to avoid nursing, but then several nurses retired or left the profession, and there was a nurse shortage. Now nursing is among the most popular programs on college campuses nationwide. If you think pharmacy would interest you, then I’d highly encourage you to try it over the fall, and see if it’s something you want to do. Even if you later decide you hate pharmacy, you can always major in Chemistry no matter your career plans. Many careers simply ask for a bachelor’s degree without much specificity to major or a graduate degree people from any background can obtain, most often the Master of Business Administration.

If you find the medical field as your passion then go for it. Sometimes it’s about knowing what you want to pursue in college. Having a good grade on those subject is plus, try to figure out what your heart truly desires.