Should I put my biggest extracurricular?

I’ve run into a dilemma with my college application process.
I generally have very good extra curriculars (three year Marching band/Concert band member for Trumpet and Sousaphone, University of Pittsburgh Pep Band, CMU School of Music for Piano for all of High School, Registered US Soccer Federation referee, Captain of my travel Club Soccer team).
But my biggest extracurricular might be risky to put on my college application. I’m a high level Admin for a Travel soccer club that represents youth soccer in Allegheny County, PA (Pittsburgh and surroundings). I roster players and assign teams to Regional Leagues; I also handle the rostering of many Scholarship players.
But the organization website hasn’t been updated in 2 years, and doesn’t include me as one of the high levels, but includes commissioners that have not been a part of the organization for years.
I feel like I’ve done a lot of good work for the youth soccer community and it deserves to be included on my application, but will College officers look at the dated website, which doesn’t include me, and assume I’m lying? It would be a real shame to leave it off my resume.


I dno’t think admissions counselors verify your extra curricular. They have thousands of applications to look through and don’t have the time to verify everyone’s ECs. If you’re really concerned about it, there’s no harm in reaching out to a few admissions counselors at various schools and asking them!

I would put it on your application. I don’t think you’ll be checked up on, especially if you are providing detail about what you do. But is there anyway you can convince the organization to update their website? Maybe explain your concerns? Maybe offer to help get it done?

I’ve already brought it up with the main commissioners, but they feel kind of unsure about updating a website not put to use for years to make a kid’s college application look good. But hopefully I can convince them to let me do it myself.

If you did it, include it.

Don’t bother with the web site - you overestimate how much time AO’s have to review your application.

Most people who work for an organization are not listed on the website. First, I don’t think AOs would have time to look this up. Second, even if they did, the fact that you aren’t on the website says nothing. Lots of websites like this aren’t updated regularly and the people who are listed are generally the adults who were involved in setting it up. I wouldn’t expect a student employee to be listed, even if he was performing a substantial task.

You should be fine. Should you get audited, you can proceed to prove in other ways.