Should I put this in my academics honors?

<p>Hello everybody.</p>

<p>I'm wondering if I should put this undir my academic honors?</p>

<p>Iceland's national upper-secondary-level-schools math competition - Higher level
Placed 31st - 33rd out of 216 participants.
I got 46 points out of a possible 100. Comeptition avarage: 27 points, best score: 95 points.</p>

<p>Top 20 students (not me) from both the lower and higher level are invited to the finals, from which Iceland's olympics team is chosen.</p>

<p>Although I'm pretty proud of this, in a country of 310,000 people with an upper secondary-level of approx. 19.000 students, maybe this isn't seen as such a great accomplishment? What do you guys think?</p>

<p>If you're proud of it, put it down. Seems pretty cool to me.</p>

<p>To someone like me who's not familiar with the competition, it sounds somewhat impressive. I would include it.</p>