Should I quit my extracurricular?

I am a senior high school student. I have a 4.0 gpa and I have taken 10 AP classes so far and passed all of them. I am currently taking 5 AP classes. I do not have any strong extracurricular since I cannot seem to stick to anything. In freshman year, I was in my high school wrestling team, but I quit after one year since I kept getting injuries and I was terrible at it. In my second year, I joined a coding club and Science Olympiad at my school. I found that the coding club was more of a gossip club and I seemed to be wasting my time there so I quit that after one year. I did Science Olympiad for my sophomore and junior years, but I never really liked it since it seemed to be more of a taking tests club and I hated the environment since the teachers and other students created a lot of pressure. In short, I tried to explore, but I never really found something I liked and I am a bit tired of making myself feel miserable and getting nowhere. If I quit Science Olympiad, I would be doing no other extracurricular my senior year except for some community service writing letters. My question now is if I should continue doing Science Olympiad in my senior year and whether quitting it would hurt my chances of going to college? And if I did quit, would it still be good to list the two years I spent in Science Olympiad as extracurricular? I am not trying to get into any extremely competitive colleges. I am looking at Cal States (CSU) such as Cal State Fullerton or Cal State LA or Cal Poly Pomona and I want to major in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Having 3 years rather than 2 won’t matter.

Why don’t you get a job instead? You might not like it but at least you’d be earning money.

not sure how serious this post is, CSUs don’t look at ECs only gpa and scores. you’ll do fine if you have a 4.0 with those APs.

Weird but correct, at least for Fullerton. I’ve never before seen a CDS with 15 of 19 factors marked “not considered”.

GPA, Test scores, where you live - apparently that’s it

You don’t have to belong to a formal club or sport associated with your high school to have an extracurricular activity. If there is something you do outside of school that is meaningful to you, you can report that as an EC.