Should I reconsider Oberlin as a possible school?

My daughter’s experience has been very similar to what @LMC9902 reports. Great academics, unique on-campus programs, lots of preprofessional opportunities, and no SJW excesses. Her friend group consists of hardworking, creative, kind, sincere young people. If you can, I recommend that you visit when classes are in session to see if it is a good fit or not.

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We have three kids - one at an Ivy, one was at a top NE liberal arts school and one at Oberlin. I can say that Oberlin has thus far provided the most impressive professors and education, which was a surprise to me. President Ambar, who, as noted, wasn’t there during the Gibsons’s incident, is fabulous, and has a smart path forward for any liberal arts school.

I agree with @NEfor3 about the quality of professors. My D has been really thrilled with her professors and is now a double major with great support across two departments. My younger child is looking to play a sport (possibly two) at Oberlin and after seeing how great things are going for my older child I have no reservations about sending another child to Oberlin.

Education and fit are still important and colleges of Oberlin’s stature are still rare enough to deserve serious attention. There’s been entirely too much pitchfork and torchlight grandstanding on this subject IMO.

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I totally agree @circuitrider and I have no reservations about my younger child considering Oberlin after the great experience my older one has had.