Should I remove middle school grades from transcript?

<p>Hey all,</p>

<p>So I'm currently a high school freshman but I'm looking ahead in order to get into a top school. I have a small decision to make (with an approaching deadline) so I thought I would consult CC for some opinions.</p>

<p>Basically, in 7th grade I took Advanced Geometry, and in 8th grade I took Advanced Algebra 2 as well as Spanish 2. These are all currently on my transcript because they are HS classes, but I can ask to have them removed if I wish to (before the deadline). I got an A- in both of my math classes, which, although certainly not a bad grade, is not optimal. In addition, Advanced is the highest level of math that my school offers (it is equivalent to honors).</p>

<p>So what should I do? A- is the same as an A for GPA so I still have a 4.0 UW, I get 3 extra HS credits, and I figure it looks good to have taken HS math in MS. On the other hand, if the A-'s will hurt me in any way, I can easily wipe them from my transcript.</p>

<p>I hope I don't sound too pretentious. Any input would be appreciated.</p>

<p>Advanced Algebra 2 in 8th grade??? A- wouldn't hurt anyone for godsakes... Keep it on there I say.</p>

<p>Thanks, that's what I figured, but I wasn't sure.</p>

<p>Do they indicate that you took it in 8th grade? Because colleges don't really give much importance to freshman grades let alone middle school grades.</p>

<p>You don't sound pretentious, but I'd try and readjust your perspective on what makes a good grade. It'll save you a lot of stress and craziness later in your high school career.</p>

<p>@dblazer No they don't. It just show up on the transcript anyway.</p>