Should I renegotiate financial aid offer?

Hey yall so I just send my enrollment deposit to my top school choice. I got a full tuition scholarship from them and a good grant from the school. Attending the school now costs me around $5000 (not including work study), which is great.

I have some people tell me that I should try renegotiating my financial aid offer and see if I can get something lower than $5000, just for kicks. A while back I also applied for a $10k scholarship offered by the school, wrote a terrific essay but rejected my application. I think it’s because they realize that I already have full tuition or something.

Would the college look down upon me if I try to do this, since I already got a scholarship from them? Should I try? What should I say in the call? Thanks!

You’ve already sent in your enrollment deposit. What incentive does the school have to give you even more aid, on top of the full tuition scholarship? Answer: none.

For kicks? Seriously? Please don’t waste college financial aid officers’ time just for kicks. There are thousands of families losing income…who need additional financial aid to even consider attending college. Doing this “for kicks” is not right.

If you really want $5000 additional aid, take the $5500 Direct Loan if you already haven’t done so.

Or get a part time job.

You could try, but you’re not in a position to negotiate. $5,000 is VERY good.