Should I report ACT scores?

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<p>When a college requires all scores, does that include my ACT scores as well? I scored higher on my SAT on all comparable sections. Should I put my ACT score on my common app?</p>

<p>Same question regarding SAT II scores. Do I need to report all of them?</p>

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<p>It depends on the college.</p>

<p>Some colleges explicitly state not to choose the score choice option on the College Board exams (i.e. SAT and SAT Subject Tests). So implicitly this means that you can choose “either” SAT or “ACT” but within that group you’re expected to submit all scores.</p>

<p>Other colleges explicitly state that you must submit ALL scores. The University of Pennsylvania states it clearly: Penn requires either the SAT Reasoning Test and two SAT Subject Tests OR the ACT with Writing. No preference is given to either test. However, Penn requires that applicants submit all testing results from each administration of the ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests. </p>

<p>So check the admissions requirements page of each college to which you’re applying. And if you’re unsure ask the admissions department of the college.</p>