Should I report all my AP scores to King's College London?

So I’m planning on applying to King’s College London as a psychology major and I looked at their entry requirements for US students and they say to submit 3 AP scores with a score of 5. I know that King’s places a lot of emphasis on how prepared you are for your major and I received a 5 on my AP psychology exam and this will look good in admissions,
My other exam scores are
Human Geography 5
World History 4
Chemistry 4
Spanish 4
US History 5
Computer Science 1
Physics 1 4
Physics 2 3
English Language 4

I realize the 1 on computer science looks really awful but it has nothing to do with what major I’m applying for. I realized how you can’t chose which scores you send and so you must send all your AP scores to the college. My question is should I send all my AP scores to include my good scores and risk them seeing my 1? I already turned in 3 SAT II in Chemistry, Math and US History. But I really want them to see my 5 in Psychology. I self reported my AP scores on the Common App not including my 1 in Comp Sci but I don’t know if those will count without official scores.

If you want the 5 you have to take the one. Remember that the UK is used to focusing on relevant subjects, so the psych group will look at the ones that they are interested in: Biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and psychology.