Should I report planned AP exams on college apps?

Hi, I’ve taken a lot of AP classes in my high school career but this is the first year I’ll actually be taking exams.

Let’s say that I put on my application that I have 4 planned AP exams. But later, when I actually enroll in the college, I decide that I DO NOT want the AP credit. Will they hold me to it?

I’m thinking no, because I haven’t actually submitted the scores to them through College Board.

I realize you’re wondering why I might not want credit. Well, if the school I go to doesn’t give elective credit, but rather HIGHER PLACEMENT for similar classes, then why would I need to take the higher level version of the class and jeopardize my GPA? (Not sure if this
is important, but I plan on going to a UC, CSU, or UOP, which are all California schools.)

For example, I plan on being a bio major on the premed track. For my major, let’s say that I’m required to take Calc I and Calc II, and I got a 5 on the AP Calc AB exam. Maybe I would rather take Calc I again my freshman year than take a higher level course.

I’ve seen threads on here about how med schools look at course rigor, but I don’t think they really do. As long as GPA and MCAT scores (and ECs and whatnot) are strong, then you should be ok, right?

I’m not saying that I wouldn’t want to take higher level course eventually. But I would probably benefit academically and intellectually my freshman year of college by retaking classes and trying hard for that 4.0 while fulfilling major and premed requirements.

Any other thoughts on AP credit/placement?

Schools will care what AP courses your are taking Senior year. Whether or not you take the exam will matter only if you enroll and want to earn course credit based on the test.

Check any admission offer for a contingency on taking the tests, but I’ve never seen or heard of it.

And no, they also will not force you to take AP credit/placement.

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Some UC campuses in the past. Berkeley sticks in my mind, although they waived last year. But I think it was more a scare tactic, as i have never seen an acceptance rescinded for this reason.

@walk_thru_fire_4_ya: UC Berkeley required applicants to notify them if they did not end up taking the AP exams listed on their UC application last year as part of the provisional admission. However, there was no penalty for not taking them as planned.