Should I report USABO, USNCO, or Toronto Biology Olympiad Score?

On the Yale application in the Common App, I noticed that there was a section to report additional academic examinations. It said that I can “report subject area exams such as the American Mathematics Competitions.” However, does the USA Biology Olympiad count, and should I report the score I’ve received in this examination? Is there any downside to reporting vs. not reporting a score?


Did you get semifinalist or finalist, and if so, which year. This year, the score was out of 150 rather than 200s, so the cutoff was 73. For previous years, it was in the 130s. If you already reported that you got semifinalist/finalist, I doubt it will help at all reporting the USABO score. I personally didn’t report my USABO score, but I did mention semifinalist in my honors section. USABO is way more prestigious than Toronto Biology Olympiad because it’s more competitive, but whether you should report USNCO or USABO is up to you based on how you did.