Should i retake 1540 (first sitting) ?

I got a 1540 in Oct 2020 SAT (800 Math, 740 EBRW). I want to apply to top 5 schools. Should I retake SAT to boost my EBRW score?

Highly doubtful. What schools/major?

I suppose applying to Harvard/Yale/etc. in a humanities subject might (might…) support taking it again. If you regularly score higher on practice tests and feel (or know, from QAS) that you made silly mistakes.

But still highly doubtful.

I am aiming for CS, bio engineering or science major.


Are you a Senior? If so, don’t bother and focus on completing your applications.

If a Junior or below, it’s still not worth it IMO (unless you’re interested in the US Presidential Scholars Program, which requires a 1590-1600/36 in most states to be considered.) Focus on AP tests, keeping up your grades in challenging courses, and taking applicable SAT Subject Tests if able.

Then no.

Nope. Time to focus on application essays and interviews.

Definitely not needed. You have definitely satisfied the SAT requirement and are in a good spot for any college/university.

You have a 1540 in the bag. It actually won’t hurt you too take it again. Most schools let you select your best score.

Schools that require you to send all scores…


If you are a junior yes, retake. 1540 is great and you should be pleased but, I saw with my children the difference in merit scholarship offerings with each threshold. Getting just another 10 points (1550) could be the difference in some merit money. Of course this will also depend on what schools you are targeting and if the merit money is an interest for you.

It can’t hurt to retake it. you may hit 1600!!